Photo 26 Jul Back seat tripping life turned 3 today!

Back seat tripping life turned 3 today!

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Photo 11 May Another building practice

Another building practice

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Finally arrived to join my collection!

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Ellie for Paris Match !
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Photo 9 Feb 3 notes Little art - Hayley Williams from Paramore

Little art - Hayley Williams from Paramore

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Text 2 Feb 10,063 notes I feel like band members don’t realize how much they inspire their fans. Like sure, they get letters and they meet their fans and all their fans tell them, but I feel like they don’t understand how much they actually touch the lives of their fans. Their music, their lyrics, the way they treat their fans, I don’t think they understand how much they can do in someone’s life. I totally get that though, I would never be able to think that something I did saved someone’s life. I just feel like they need to know how much we all care about them, and how much we all truly love them. REBLOG if a band has ever saved you, inspired you, moved you, or just made you smile.

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